Check your manufacturer specifications for product specific guidelines.  Most hardwood & laminate floors can be cleaned using an alcohol based hardwood & laminate cleaner with a dust mop.  Make sure not to saturate the floor with liquids.  Steam mops should never be used as it can cause the flooring to swell and warp.  Spills should be wiped up immediately.  Heavily soiled areas can be wiped with a damp rag, but should never be mopped.  ALWAYS make sure to review cleaning specifications with maid and cleaning services to prevent damage to your floor.

*It is important to maintain consistent temperature and humidity within the home to prevent gapping, separating, and warping of your floor.

Tile & Marble

With the right care and cleaning, tile should last for years.  Proper sealing and cleaning should maintain the color of your tile and grout.  Grout is a porous surface and therefore is susceptible to stains and dirt.  Cleaning it on a regular basis will prevent stains becoming permanent discoloration. We recommend using a non-bleach cleaner to extend the life of the grout, which can be damaged or discolored by harsh chemicals as well.